Solar street lights

The Vertex® range of solar street lights is the first and only to be backed by a five year performance guarantee. This is on top of the strong product warranties.

Very suitable for secondary streets (AS 1158 P category lighting) in subdivisions, industrial estates and remote streets.

The Vertex range have the solar engine (solar panel and battery) specifically sized for every project to ensure generous autonomy is provided for the application (autonomy is the duration the light will run from a fully charged battery with no input from the solar panel).

The poles and footings are engineered for the applicable wind region, with versions designed to withstand cyclonic wind speeds of region C and D.

Utilising state of the art Cree LEDway™ and XSP™ luminaires, designed and manufactured in the USA, Vertex solar street lights provide numerous optic options to ensure the minimum number of light poles are required to achieve the required lighting level.

“Our lights in the Batchelor Township are working brilliantly – so many comments from the locals. Thank you for creating such a good solar light for safety” – Marilyn Morris, Coomalie Community Government Council.

  • Ideal for lighting areas without power
  • No trenching and cabling
  • Zero power bills from day one
  • Very easy to maintain and service
  • Lower cost of life
  • Proven track record

Stand alone solar is also an ideal solution for temporary street lighting for road works and construction, with the use of relocate-able concrete block footings.

Ease of purchase for local government

NSW, QLD, SA and NT local government can purchase solar street lights through the Localbuy and Local Government Procurement contracts.  This means the purchaser does not need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with provides confidence they are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier and purchasing on the best possible terms.

Solar street lights

Solar street lights with 3 meter outreaches

Solar street lighting

Temporary solar street lights