Adaptive Solar Lighting and Public Lighting Standards

Does your Solar Lighting Installation Comply with AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020? “When Adaptive Lighting is used, each dimming level shall be such that it complies with all the requirements of a relevant lighting category. The control system shall be failsafe in that on a failure of any element of the control system, the luminaires shall revert back to their initial undimmed level.” … Read More

AS/NZS pathway lighting standards update.

Update to Australian pathway lighting standards

Australian and New Zealand lighting standards that cover minor roads, public spaces, cycleway & pathways and  car parks (AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020) were updated in February 2020. All these categories fall under Pedestrian (P), as the lighting is intended for the pedestrian rather than the vehicle. This is on the basis that vehicles have their own light source. The main … Read More


TECHNICAL PAPER – OSLTP-001: SOLAR COLLECTION METHODS FOR SOLAR LIGHTING APPLICATIONS Abstract Integrating solar and battery technologies into lighting applications has become popular in recent years as it can significantly reduce the upfront costs of installation. With this, there have been various design approaches and methodologies tried for the collection of solar energy to power lighting systems. To ensure a … Read More

Solar Lighting Bollards – Your Common Questions Answered

SBL Solar Lighting bollard from Orca Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting Bollards – Your Common Questions Answered What are solar lighting bollards Solar lighting bollards lights are shorter light poles (approx. one-meter high) that have solar lights on them and are very popular for lighting pathways.  Being stand-alone (not connected to the electricity network), significant savings in installation costs can be created. They use solar panels and batteries to run, … Read More

Solar Street Lights – Your Common Questions Answered

Vertex solar car park lighting by Orca Solar Lighting

What are solar street lights? Solar street lights are stand- alone street lights (not connected to the electricity network), that use solar panels and batteries to run. The term ‘solar street light’ may also encompass overhead solar lighting for pathways, bike-ways and car parks. How common are solar street lights? They are coming quite common and the uptake is growing … Read More

Warranty vs performance guarantee – BIG DIFFERENCE.

Planning a solar lighting project.

Warranty vs performance guarantee – BIG DIFFERENCE. You need to know this if you are planning a solar lighting project. Warranties on the respective components are just that, and the terms and duration may differ on each of the components. A performance guarantee is a guarantee of the predetermined lighting levels (whether it be to Australian Standards or not), the … Read More

Integrated Solar Lights: Understand Their Limitations

Integrated style solar lights have severe limitations The use of integrated style solar lights has exploded in the last 5 or 6 years. Integrated (often referred to as ‘all in one’) solar lights have the solar panel as the roof of the housing, the batteries inside, and the LEDs attached to the underside of the casing. This makes a very … Read More

Planning solar lighting? Ignore this at your peril

Orca Solar Lighting Vertex solar light

Planning a successful outdoor solar lighting installation. This blog  is to assist lighting, assets and project manager professional plan, procure and install successful outdoor solar lighting (street, path, car park, area, park, jetty, marina). Introduction: Solar lighting is now a proven reliable and commercially viable  solution for many lighting applications and is fast becoming a mainstream technology utilised by some … Read More