Vertex solar lighting poles & footings

Standard pole
Pro-pole™ temporary tilt pole
Pro-pole™ demo video

Vertex® has a range of solar poles to provide solar area & street lighting for all applications.

Whether it be for upmarket public open spaces, temporary & relocatable lighting for construction, cost effective poles for mining and remote industry or swing poles for easy access to solar panel and luminaire.

Poles can also be custom designed for your particular need.


Concrete cage: Cage footings for all soil types and wind regions.

Smart foot footings: Used in soil, clay and sand conditions, these are often described as ‘tree root footing’. One major advantage of this system is that it is one visit to site as there is no concrete to dry and cure.

Portable concrete block: Very versatile as relocatable and permanent footing. Designed to be moved by a fork lift or crane, it is well suited for construction sites, road works and site security/ safety lighting. Available from 600kg to three tonnes depending on wind loadings. Engineered and certified for the pick up points and the specific wind loadings (see permanent or temporary block).

Solar light poles and footings

The Pro-Pole™ will save time on site.