Latest solar sighting projects

Solar bollards: Twin Waters jetty facility -Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Council recently completed a significant boat ramp upgrade including jetty, extensive additional parking with a separate pathway joining them the car park and jetty area.
Solar bollards were installed around the site to provide way-finding light for early morning and evening users.
The bollards were ideal for this project as they are very vandal resistant and the quick and easy install enabled council to install without having to disrupt the rest of the project construction.

Twin Waters Jetty Solar Lights

Relocatable solar lights: Glencore Ernest Henry Mine Village

The existing 240v lighting bollards along the pathways were starting to fail and were occasionally being hit by vehicles.
Due to a lot of underground services, it was not feasible to place footings in the ground, so Glencore and Orca Solar Lighting developed a relocatable concrete block that lay on top of the ground which also enabled Glencore to fine tune the location. The tilt poles enabled easy installation without an elevated work platform.
Forty x i1200 integrated solar lights with tilt poles and concrete blocks were installed.

Solar Lights mine sites

Townsville ramps up with Vertex solar lighting

The $25 Million Townsville Recreational Boating park will provide the North Queensland recreational boating community with a world class sheltered all tide facility.
Orca Solar Lighting® supplied and facilitated the installation of the 35 Vertex® solar lights (excluding poles) around all the paths, parkland and picnic areas and jetties, as well as the solar shelter lighting.
The Vertex® solar lights provide AS 11583.1 P3 lighting all night, utilising the Cree LEDway light fixtures.

Recreation area Solar Lights

Orca Solar Lighting company profile

Orca’s sole focus is providing outstanding lighting outcomes by designing, developing, sourcing, packaging and distributing solar street & area lighting including solar lighting bollards, and restroom/ solar shed lights.
Established in early 2007, Orca Solar Lighting is now one of Australia’s leading solar lighting companies, supplying product nationwide, and to New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands including Papua New Guinea.
With established product lines and brands, and product that has performed well in the marketplace for numerous years, we are now establishing a network of re-sellers across the region. Orca therefore welcomes interest from proven lighting companies, road infrastructure companies, electrical wholesalers and contractors and similar organisations.

Sustainability policy

Based on our philosophy ‘Built to last’, everything we do at Orca Solar Lighting has to be 100% sustainable.

  • Our footprint on the environment.
  • Our social interactions – internal and external.
  • Our financial viability.

Every decision we make has to consider these points.

  • Recycle everything.
  • Drive fuel efficient cars.
  • Drive and fly only when absolutely necessary to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Treat all stakeholders (internally and externally) with fairness and respect.
  • Act as a role model, our causes and the way we conduct ourselves.
  • Always act with integrity.

We pride ourselves on these values.


Being an outdoor solar lighting specialists enable Orca Solar Lighting to be on the leading edge of methodologies and technology, providing superior outcomes.


Orca Solar Lighting is not tied to any particular brand or technology type. This enables us to provide you with the most suitable technology for your particular lighting need.


Orca Solar Lighting is a registered ERAC responsible supplier, incorporating the ‘Does it comply’ initiative to promote safety via compliant product.
All Orca Solar Lighting electrical components and products hold the Registered Compliance Mark for Australia and New Zealand. This is a legal requirement for all importers or manufacturers or electrical products, including extra low voltage.
The Vertex® range of solar LED street lights is one of few (full size) solar street lighting systems available in Australia that is compliant to electrical safety standards.


The costs of inferior quality runs a lot deeper than having to replace something more often. There is the potential safety or downtime cost if the light is not operating.
Orca’s commitment to quality and compliance has attracted discerning organisations who consider reliability to be paramount, such as the Australian Army, Department of Transport & Main Roads Qld, the Royal Australian Air Force, Theiss and Queensland Rail to name a few.
An example of this quality is demonstrated by the components utilised, such as the Cree®(BetaLED®) range of light fittings. Cree® (BetaLED®) is one of the leading area & street lights companies, all designed and manufactured in the USA and backed with a 10 year warranty.