Australia’s most trusted Commercial Solar Street Lights engineered for harsh environments

Since 2007 Orca Solar Lighting has been serving councils, government, mining, industrial and private commercial customers all across Australia.

At Orca Solar Lighting we design and develop industrial grade LED solar road lights that are built for performance, stand the test of time and always comply with Australian and New Zealand lighting and safety standards.

We understand you can’t take any risks when it comes to commercial solar street lights. You need to trust your solar street lights are high quality, safe, and will perform reliably in the harshest environments and weather conditions.

Whether you need commercial solar lights for mine sites, accommodation camps, buildings and storage areas on rural properties, temporary roadworks & construction, car parks, marine areas or paths and bikeways, we work with you to provide a custom street light design and solar lighting solution so your installation provides reliable and constant lighting.

We’ve recently opened an office in Western Australia so we can better serve our Perth and WA customers.

Commercial Solar Street Lights WA

High quality Commercial-grade Solar LED Street Lights trusted by the mining industry, infrastructure and industrial sectors

Deliver Reliable and Constant Lighting

We treat every commercial solar street light project as mission critical so your lighting installation provides reliable and constant lighting.

Avoid Compliance Risks

You’ll never have to worry about safety and compliance issues. We constantly adapt to Australian and New Zealand lighting and safety standards so you can trust your commercial street lights are fully compliant and of the highest quality and safety.  

Built to withstand harsh conditions and weather

Have peace of mind knowing your commercial solar lights are engineered to withstand harsh mining conditions including high wind, dust and extreme weather

Save Money

Save money with high quality, reliable commercial LED solar street lights that stand the test of time. You’ll reduce ongoing maintenance costs and save money with a lower total cost of ownership.  

Performance Guarantee and Warranty

Get a five-year performance guarantee on your solar street lights. Your solar street lights are also backed by a 10-year warranty on Cree light fittings and a comprehensive warranty on Australian made batteries.

Install Easily

Install your industrial-grade solar street lights easily with quick plug-and-play stand alone solar lights that don’t require any trenching or cabling. All solar street lights can be installed by contractors across Australia.

Industrial-grade Solar street light product range

Whether you need permanent or temporary solar LED street lights for:

  • Mine sites;
  • Accommodation camps;
  • Buildings and storage areas on rural properties;
  • Temporary roadworks & construction;
  • Car parks;
  • Marine areas;
  • Paths and bikeways;

our Avero and Vertex solar systems have got you covered.


Our product specs:

  • Light type: Flood
  • Features: Solar, Outdoor, Dusk To Dawn
  • Installation: Pathway, Lamp Post
  • Colour Family: White
  • Brand: Orca Solar Lighting


Applications for commercial solar street lighting

Solar lighting for mine sites and accommodation camps

Mine sites and accommodation camps

Car Parks

Car Parks

Flag Lighting

Flag Lighting


Temporary for roadworks & construction

Jetties and Marinas

Jetties & Marinas

Pathways and Bikeways

Pathways & Bikeways

Vertex solar street lighting system

The Vertex® range provides mission critical commercial solar street lighting, the first and only to provide a five year performance guarantee on top of the strong product warranties. What this means is that Orca Solar Lighting® guarantees the lighting levels and battery back-up that was pre agreed to when the project was quoted. The strong warranties include a 10 year warranty on the USA made Cree light fittings, a five year plus five year pro-rate warranty on the Australian made batteries.

With over 2200 installed in Australia since 2010, Orca Solar Lighting’s Vertex® gives the purchaser peace of mind that they are investing in a proven system that performs in the extreme Australian environment.

Many of Australia’s most well know organisations have invested in the Vertex solar powered street lighting system, we can provide many referees of customers who have installed many and have had them operating for many years.

The Vertex solar street light is very quick and easy to install, it is plug and play and installed by contractors all around Australia.

Performs well for all AS 1158 3.1 P lighting categories and some V lighting categories

Generous autonomy with 4 + nights battery back-up ( allowing for the longest 15 hour long winter nights)all night at full illumination. Be aware, many solar street lights dim as the battery discharges therefore fall short of the agreed lighting level required.

Reasons to Choose Vertex® systems.

  1. We use fittings that are well utilised and highly respected by lighting and infrastructure professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  This provides peace of mind that optimal lighting outcomes are achieved in line with AS/NZS 1158.
  2. These reputable and higher quality light fittings enables Orca Solar Lighting® to be able to achieve the same or superior lighting outcomes, with significantly less light poles than many of our competitors. The Vertex system may have a higher upfront capital cost per street light pole than some of our competitors, however our lower lifecycle cost and the requirement for significantly less poles should significantly reduce the project and ongoing costs utilising the Vertex®.
  3. Five year performance guarantee for the entire Vertex® system, over and above the strong product warranties. This provides the owner with confidence the light levels and duration, autonomy (battery back-up from a fully charged battery without any input from the solar panel), will be maintained.
  4. Electrical compliance. Specification grade product design complying with AS/NZS 4509 Stand Alone Power Systems, which encompasses all extra low voltage renewable energy systems. Most of our competitors DO NOT even try to comply with these standards.

Industrial grade solar lighting you can count on

Street lighting standards update.

In February 2020, the relevant street lighting standards (AS/NZS 1158 3.1) were updated to the 2020 version. A summary of the changes as follows: >

PR1 P1 (Vertical requirement removed with enhanced uniformity requirement)
PR2 P2 (Vertical requirement removed with enhanced uniformity requirement)
PR3 P3 (Vertical requirement removed with enhanced uniformity requirement)
PR4 New sub-category
PR5 P4 (Vertical requirement removed)
PR6 P5 (Enhanced average illuminance requirement)

Why choose our commercial solar street lights?

  1. Reliability and Compliance: Orca Solar Lighting offers products that are reliable and constantly compliant with AS/NZS standards. This ensures a high level of performance and adherence to safety and quality guidelines​​.
  2. Versatile Application: Our lighting products are suitable for a variety of settings, including roads, flag lighting, intersections, car parks, and larger path lighting, catering to both minor roads and suburban streets as per Australian and New Zealand lighting industry standards. They are also highly suitable for remote and rural areas including mine sites, accommodation camps and buildings and storage areas on rural properties.
  3. Performance Guarantee and Warranty: Orca Solar Lighting provides a unique five-year performance guarantee, ensuring lighting levels and battery backup as pre-agreed upon. This is supplemented by strong product warranties, including a 10-year warranty on Cree light fittings and a comprehensive warranty on Australian made batteries​​.
  4. Proven System and Easy Installation: With over 2200 installations since 2010, the Vertex system is a proven performer in the Australian environment. It is also known for its ease of installation, being quick and plug-and-play, which can be installed by contractors across Australia​​.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness and Quality: Orca Solar Lighting’s products use high-quality light fittings that enable superior lighting outcomes with fewer poles than competitors. This reduces both the project and ongoing costs, making it a cost-effective solution despite a potentially higher upfront capital cost​​.

These factors make Orca Solar Lighting a solid choice for the mining industry, businesses and councils looking to invest in sustainable and efficient street lighting solutions.

Why buy solar street lights?

  1. Environmental Friendliness: Solar street lights use renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.
  2. Energy Efficiency: They are highly energy-efficient, leading to lower electricity costs and reduced energy consumption.
  3. Cost Savings: Though the initial investment may be higher, solar street lights can offer significant long-term savings in electricity and maintenance costs.
  4. Independence from the Grid: Solar lights are not dependent on the power grid, making them reliable even during power outages.
  5. Easy Installation: Solar street lights often require less complex installation processes compared to traditional street lights, which may require extensive wiring and grid connection.
  6. Low Maintenance: They typically require less maintenance over their lifespan compared to standard street lights.
  7. Improved Safety: Solar street lights provide reliable lighting even in remote or power outage-prone areas, enhancing safety and security.
  8. Sustainability: Investing in solar street lights reflects a commitment to sustainable practices, which can be important for public image and environmental policies of mine sites, businesses and councils.
  9. Flexibility in Placement: Solar street lights can be installed in locations without access to the power grid, offering more flexibility in terms of where lighting can be provided.

Your Orca Commercial Solar Street Lights: Questions Answered

What is street lighting?
The Australian and NZ lighting industry generally categorises street lighting as minor roads and suburban streets, which tend to be AS 1158 3.1 P category lighting and therefore generally requiring an LED of less than 50w.
Solar street lighting includes lighting for roads, flag lighting, intersections, car parks, and larger path lighting.
Solar street/road lighting can be permanent or temporary utilising relocatable concrete blocks that are engineered for the respective wind regions, and have certified pick up points.

How do stand-alone solar road lighting systems operate?
Stand-alone solar street lighting systems create stored energy in the daytime by converting ultra violet light (sunlight) into power that is stored in the battery, which is then available to be used at night. The intelligent controllers detect dusk, automatically turning the system on, and detects dawn, turning the system off. There is also the ability to program the lights to dim, brighten, or turn off at certain times throughout the night
A quality environmentally friendly solar LED light will have enough battery back-up (autonomy) to run the light for a minimum of four full nights battery back-up, to ensure it will provide reliable light through prolonged poor weather.

Does Solar LED street lighting provide reliable all night light?
Yes, designed to run all night at 100% illumination (or pre agreed run times and illumination) with 4 – 8 nights battery back-up (autonomy) depending on the location and application.

Do they achieve Australian lighting standards?
Yes, very effective for minor & secondary roads, pathways & bikeways, jetties & marinas, mine sites, accommodation camps, remote and rural applications, most car parks and many highway applications. (AS 1158 3.1 P and V categories).

How much light will they provide?
This is determined project by project, generally for a dusk until dawn operation, for a six mount height, the Vertex® will provide similar light output to a minor road street light (2500 to 3500 lumens) and up to 8000 lumens for taller poles (Eg 10m highway or car park lighting).

What is their design life? (How long do they last?)
20+ years with the Australian made battery requiring replacing every 8 – 10 years.

What is the five year performance guarantee?
This is a performance guarantee that the lighting levels and battery back-up duration agreed and documented before the project commenced will be achieved or exceeded for a minimum of 5 years. This is over and above the strong product warranties.

What are the product warranties?
Cree light fixture made in the USA – 10 years, Sylvania StreetLED & RoadLED – 5 years, Australian made batteries, 5 year plus five year prorate warranty, Vertex® Energy Management System – 5 years.

How many light poles will I need?
This is determined project by project, a complementary lighting design can be done to determine the quantity.

What kind of maintenance should be done on solar street lights?
Minimal maintenance required. The luminaire and solar panel may require cleaning every 2 - 3 years (or when required) to remove cobwebs, dead insects dust or bird droppings.

How long will the batteries last for solar street lights?
For a solar street light utilising quality components and correctly sized battery and solar panel, and the solar panel oriented correctly, the battery should last anywhere from 5 years up to 12 years.

What happens if there are cloudy days or many cloudy days in a row?

A quality solar lighting system with correctly sized battery and solar panel, and the solar panel oriented correctly, the system should operate reliably for 3 to 5 nights in heavily clouded conditions. Is the heavily clouded period continues beyond this, the battery may be drained and the light may fail.

I live in a strong wind zone - are your solar lights strong enough to withstand very high winds?
Yes, they are engineered to withstand the relevant wind regions they are installed.

I’m in an area where we would like the lights to dim late night and come back to full brightness before sunrise - is this possible?
Yes, numerous lighting profiles and adaptive lighting options are available.

Do the poles come with anchor bolts?
Yes if required. Pier/cage and relocatable concrete block footings are available if required as well.

How much and what sort of maintenance does the battery require?
The batteries are maintenance free.

How do I know when something is wrong with my solar street light system?
The light will fail to come on, or will turn off during the night before it is supposed to.

How should I clean the solar panel, if required?
Soapy water and a soft cloth.