Solar car park lighting

The Vertex® range can provide lighting levels such as AS/NZS 1158 P11B and P12 for solar car park lighting and solar street lights. Vertex is the first and only to be backed with a five year performance guarantee, over and above the strong product warranties.

These lights are designed to provide generous autonomy such as 4 or 5 full nights to eliminate the lights going into low voltage disconnect should a long stretch of bad weather occur. (autonomy is the duration the lights will run from a fully charged battery without any input from the solar panel),

Solar LED car park lighting

If the car park is in close proximity to existing mains and trenching and cabling is straight forward, grid supply solar lights may be the preferred option. This does need careful analysis, as the return on investment is greatest when the power can be consumed as it is created, so it does not need to sold back to electrical retailer at a discount.

However in some urban areas, the cost and disruption of trenching and cabling through existing sealed and landscaped areas can make stand alone solar lighting a better option even if power is in reasonably close proximity.

Ease of purchase for local government

Orca Solar Lighting has the preferred supplier status for solar lighting with Localbuy and Local Government Procurement. This means all NSW, QLD, SA and NT local government can purchase solar powered road lighting from Orca Solar Lighting on the best possible terms and with confidence they are dealing with a quality and pre-qualified supplier. Please contact Orca for more information.

Solar Car Park Lighting

Vertex solar lights -RACQ car park at night

Solar Street and Car Park Lighting

Solar car park solar lighting by day