Solar road lighting

Larger scale stand alone solar lighting systems well suited to flag lighting for remote highway intersections.

The Vertex® range includes Transport & Main Roads QLD compliant versions. Orca Solar Lighting ® provided considerable input into the Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD Solar Flag Lighting technical specifications.

Various options include slip base poles with a cabinet set back and a slave pole set back, providing safety so if on the unlikely event a vehicle does hit the light pole, the pole will break off the footing and reduce the impact to the vehicle. The batteries and energy management system is housed in a cabinet set back from the road, or underground, to eliminate any impact risk for a motor vehicle.

Flag lighting is considered mission critical lighting, therefore the Vertex systems are designed with extra autonomy to eliminate outages from extended poor weather. (Autonomy is the duration the light will run for from a fully charged battery without any input from the solar panel).

The poles and footings are engineered to conform to Australian and New Zealand standards including wind speeds in the respective wind regions. This includes cyclonic wind areas such as region C and D if necessary.

Ease of purchase for local government

Purchasing from Orca Solar Lighting is even easier for NSW, ACT, QLD, SA and NT local government. The Localbuy and Local Government Procurement Orca contracts remove the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, and gives peace of mind the best possible terms are provided from a pre-qualified suppler. Please contact Orca to find out more.

Transport approved solar lighting

Solar Road Lighting in the South Pacific Islands

Solar road lighting

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