Brisbane – QLD Government

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Queensland State Government.

Area and car park lighting.

BMD & CV Services

Smart City Integration:
Meshed IoT, Arcs Group & TheThingsNetwork

Vertex® Area Solar Lighting Systems

Engineering, Research and Assessment and Lighting Design:
Webb Australia

The precinct includes a 1200+ vehicle car park area which is at over 75% capacity on the weekends. Being such a busy car park on the weekends, high levels of lighting is required for the safety of patrons and stall operators. During the week the car parks often have less than 25% capacity. Given the scale of the car park area and the sites existing operations, trenching cables would have been a difficult, time consuming, disruptive and expensive task.

Orca Solar Lighting supplied a custom lighting solution using 54 x Vertex® area solar lighting systems on relocatable concrete blocks with 10m high poles. All Luminaires can be controlled to operate at variable outputs up to 160 watts by integrating into the sites LoRaWAN™ Smart City IoT network which enables remote access control, autonomous light level scheduling and real-time performance monitoring. The autonomous light level scheduling gives the lights the ability to adjust settings over the air for the required car park activity, for example; high levels (Category P11A) on the weekends and medium levels (Category P11B) throughout the week.

This is all done automatically over-the-air and the client gets to monitor the lighting systems performance remotely via the internet.

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Specific Product: Vertex® Area Solar Lighting Systems