SBL Solar Bollard Lighting

Industrial grade solar bollards

Industrial grade solar bollard lights

The only Australian made solar bollard light, with a  10 + year design life and 10 year warranty. Extremely vandal resistant.

Architecturally designed for government, mining, councils, retirement villages and resorts applications. Reliable constant all night light with a minimum of four full nights battery back-up.

SBL solar bollard lights are ideal for low level outdoor illumination for:

  • Paths & bikeways
  • Retirement living complexes
  • Caravan parks and camp grounds
  • Accommodation camps
  • Marinas, pontoons & jetties
  • University & school campuses
  • SBL solar lighting bollards are specification grade, certified Australian made, vandal resistant, and submersible, with a 10 + year design life. The SBL has a five year warranty and the SBL2 has a 10 year warranty, built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

    SBL LED bollards are suitable for sites with shade, there are numerous power settings that allow the solar versions to cope with heavy shade, as well as the identical looking 12V non solar version to enable catering for almost any shade. This allows for uniformity of product throughout the project.

    NSW, QLD, SA & NT councils and state government are able to purchase solar powered lights with ease utilising the Localbuy and Local Government Procurement preferred supplier status for Orca Solar Lighting. This ensures the customer is purchasing from a quality and reputable supplier and on very favourable terms.


    Commercial solar bollard lights

    Industrial strength solar bollard lights

    Used by some of Australia’s most well know organisations such as BHP Billiton, Brisbane City Council, Department of Defence, Department of Transport & Main Roads QLD and Rio Tinto to name a few.

    Solar bollard specifications

    There are two generations of the solar bollard, the SBL and the SBL2. They are practically identical looking, are equally as vandal resistant, it is primarily the LED arrangement that sets the two Generations apart, each generation specifically designed to achieve the two most common lighting tasks – way finding lighting (SBL) and effective compliant pathway lighting (SBL2).

    Commercial Solar Bollard Lighting Australian Made

    Demonstration: Vandal resistant solar powered LED bollards

    With bollards in the market for over 10 years now, the original Australian made vandal resistant solar LED bollards operate provides reliable all night light in some of the most demanding locations.

    From maritime locations with heavy salt water, extremely hot and dry desert regions such as the Pilbara, hot tropical locations such as Darwin, the freezing Victorian and NSW snow fields, through to high vandalism urban and remote areas, these bollards have proven they are tough and reliable.

    Graffiti and paint is easily cleaned from the solar bollard head and aluminium post. The dome shape deters birds from landing and minimises debris build up. A gentle annual wipe of the solar bollard head keeps them looking beautiful all year round.

    Town of Port Hedland Testimonial.
    "We are very happy with the bollards, they suit the required use and are going to be a great asset to us for a long time. The tenants that we have put in the adjacent houses have not been shy in the past with airing any complaints they have, but I haven’t heard one complaint regarding the light bollards. That to me is a great accomplishment."

    Alexandra Beach Resort Testimonial.
    "In December 2018, Alexandra Beach Resort purchased fourteen SBL solar lighting bollards to add to our existing lighting around the pathway and extensive swimming pool at the resort.
    Many of the solar bollards are located in areas with a lot of shade at certain times of the year, Orca Solar Lighting came out and assessed the shading to ensure the correct power model and optimum locations were chosen.
    The result has been a reliable and dependable lighting outcome, with a light source that complements a resort type setting. We would be happy to recommend this product to other resort type properties."

    Applications for solar bollard lights

    Solar park lighting

    Parks & Open Spaces

    Extremely vandal resistant, view the video here.

    Marina lighting

    Jetties, marinas & pontoons

    Fully sealed with marine grade components. Completely submersible options available.

    Boardwalk lighting

    Parklands & Boardwalks

    Solar lighting using Solar Bollards for parklands and boardwalks

    Cycle-way lighting

    Pathways and cycle-ways

    Conforms to AS 1158 PP5 pathway lighting standards.
    Asymmetrical (180 degree) light output option.

    Security lighting

    General safety & security

    Mining Camps
    Retirement Villages

    Driveway lighting


    Solar driveway lighting using Solar Bollards.

    Solar bollard product range


    Direct bury


    Base plate


    Wall mount


    With reflector




    180° with aeroshield


    On existing raised surface


    12V non-solar


    Twin light overhead

    Solar Lighting Bollards – a few of the many good reasons to invest in SBL.

    Orca Solar Lighting® only supplies very high commercial and industrial grade products with a 10+ year life span, (we have a firm belief that low to mid-range grade products generally will cost the customer significantly more over the medium to long term, compared to the highest commercial and industrial grade products).

    For this reason, the only solar bollard lighting product we supply is the SBL Solar Bollard Lighting range. SBL are the only Australian made solar bollard light, and the only solar lighting bollard that provides a 10 year warranty. Orca Solar Lighting is abreast of all relevant products across the globe,  to ensure our customers receive the best value proposition, and we continue to stand by SBL.

    Here’s the thing. Yes you can buy imported product for half* the price of the SBL Solar bollards, but you need to really look at what you are going to get, and how long it will really end up costing you. Please do the math on buying a low to mid-range product for say half the price of a proven industrial grade product that will likely outlast the other products by two to three times. It is not just the replacement cost of the product that needs to be factored in. There is the extra freight cost, the extra installation cost, plus the cost of disposing of (hopefully recycling) the failed product. Also factor in the hassle factor of having the failing products inspected, complaints from the people who use the area being lit.

    Here are some good reasons to invest in SBL solar lighting bollard.

    Highest grade materials and components.

    The domes are made from the highest industrial grade SABIC SLX Lexan polycarbonate, the highest grade polycarbonate available, with a 10 + year design life, follow this link . This is critical for solar bollard lights, as the UV (ultraviolet light) will make low to mid-range grade UV stabilized polycarbonates brittle and cause them to lose their transparent properties in as soon as three years**. If the polycarbonate goes brittle, it will no longer be ‘vandal resistant’ and over enough time, will crumble. If the polycarbonate loses its transparency, the solar panel will not be charged efficiently, and the light will not be diffused effectively, causing the product to fail. See link to Lexan SLX VS standard UV resistant polycarbonate test report PDF (published by Sabic, the manufacturer of Lexan SLX.

    The poles are made from high marine grade anodized aluminium (6106 T6 Aluminium Marine Grade) with large ribs down the sides for extra strength). These poles will last 20+ years, even in extreme corrosive coastal environments.

    The fasteners are 316 stainless steel (and the four fasteners that attach the bollard head to the pole are an SBL proprietary security fasteners, not a readily available ‘security’ fastener).

    SBL Solar Bollards are certified Australian made. For this certification, there is a system to accredit and then brand products with “Australian Made”.  To be registered Australian Made requires a manufacturer to submit documentation on the procurement and manufacturing processes of a product for assessment against set criteria, and to pay a fee based on predicted sales of the product.  If you see a product that claims “Australian Made” but is not registered with the AM campaign, then it is likely the product is not Australian Made.   Look for the AM code or ask for it.

    Solar Bollard Lighting (SBL) specialises in designing and manufacturing solar bollards, this is all they do, and as they have been doing this all day every day since 2005, it is safe to say they have become extremely good at it. Through experience, they know what materials to use, the optimum solar panel and battery sizing to provide reliable and constant all night light regardless of climatic conditions or location. The shape and dimensions of the various components are well thought through for maximum strength. It needs to be noted here that shade assessments are paramount for solar lighting installations, and this is particularly the case for solar bollards as they tend to be only waist high, therefore more vulnerable to shadows from surrounding buildings and trees.

    Extremely robust track record across Australia’s harsh diverse climatic conditions. Thousands out in the field, some of them since 2005.

    Buy quality, insist on SBL, the original, the only Australian made, the only with the 10 year warranty. SBL – ASK FOR IT BY NAME.

    *Imported solar bollards range from less than half the cost to close to double the cost of the certified Australian made SBL solar lighting bollards.

    ** See the SABIC Lexan VS document.

    Solar bollard frequently asked questions

    Why buy SBL instead of the alternatives.
    1) The SBL build quality is generally a lot higher.  Aircraft window grade polycarbonate (Sabic Lexan SLX) is warrantied to not go brittle or yellow for 10 + years. Most commercial grade, UV resistant polycarbonates go brittle and yellow after three years. 316 stainless steel fasteners and marine grade aluminium poles are used,

    2) Reliability. The SBL provides constant and reliable all night light with a minimum of four full nights battery back-up. Most alternatives run their lights too bright for the solar panel and battery sizes, therefore failing in poor weather, and shortening the battery life.

    3) Professional shading assessments. (In Australia, the distributors will provide shading assessment for each and every bollard, to ensure the power setting matches the amount of direct sunlight).

    4) SBL2 is the only solar bollard with a 10 year warranty, and a Australian (Brisbane) based manufacturer who backs their product.

    What is the life expectancy?
    The SBL solar bollards lights are designed to last 15 + years.  The SBL2 has a 10 year warranty and the SBL has a 5 year warranty.

    What distance should they be spaced?
    6 to 10m apart for compliant lighting, depending on the model and power setting (determined by climatic conditions and shade – Please discuss with Orca Solar Lighting). Wayfinding light may enable the bollards to be spaced 15m apart.

    What is the difference between SBL1 and SBL2 (Second generation?)
    The original SBL1 provides symmetrical (360 degree) wayfinding and area lighting. It is available in 4300K natural white.

    The SBL2 is identical looking, however provides approx. 20% more light than the comparative SBL1, has a 180 degree (asymmetric) light output version which is superior for pathway and driveway lighting as it puts all the light down on the path, and no wasted light behind it. SBL2 is submersible IP68 for flood prone areas and has a wider range of power models including a low power model that operate  in heavy shade. Less SBL2’s are required to light a pathway than SBLs, however SBL2 costs approx. $200 more each.

    Are the SBL solar bollards suited to marine (coastal) environments?
    Yes, these bollards are perfect for salty coastal environment. They use a high marine grade anodised aluminium pole, 316 stainless steel fasteners, and the SBL2 is fully submersible (IP68). Transport and Main Roads QLD have utilised the SBLs extensively on their jetties and pontoons all the way up the QLD coast for many years.

    What lead time is to be expected?
    As there are multiple variations, the bollards are assembled for each specific order. For a standard one meter high pole option with natural white 4300K colour temperature, they are usually despatched within a couple of weeks. Custom (taller pole and powder coated options and 3000K or other colour temperatures can be a 30 day lead time before they are despatched).

    How much are freight costs?
    Starting around $30 for one bollard. As there are numerous variables, Orca Solar Lighting will provide you with a competitive freight costs on a project by project basis.

    How long is the warranty?
    SBL five year warranty, SBL2 ten year warranty.

    Do they stay on all night?
    Yes, reliable all night light at 100% illumination, with 4 – 10 nights battery back-up depending on the power model.

    Do they work in the shade?
    Yes there is a low power model that works in full shade, this needs to be discussed with Orca Solar Lighting. Different power models work in varying amounts of shade.

    How do rainy days affect the performance?
    They are designed to operate reliably through prolonged bad weather. They have 4- 10 nights battery back-up depending on the power model.

    Do the batteries need replacing?
    No, the batteries will outlast other components, but are easy to change nonetheless.

    Are they easy to install?
    Yes. DIY capable person, no electrician or solar installer required. Direct bury pole into soil with concrete back fill or on ground (flange mount) to dynabolt or chemset to existing structure.

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      Ease of purchase for local government

      All NSW, Qld, and ACT local government can purchase SBL solar lighting bollards through the Localbuy and Local Government Procurement contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier and purchasing on the best possible terms.