Nambucca V Wall Pathway

End customer:
Nambucca Shire Council

90 SBL Solar Lighting Bollards

The V Wall at Nambucca Heads in a very popular walking, fishing and tourist walkway running along the side of the Nambucca River to where it meets the ocean. The wall is made of large boulders, the path runs along the top and the boulders protruding along the sea edge are available for local artists and tourists as a blank canvas to paint a mural or message. Nambucca Council has lit near 1km long pathway to encourage evening and early morning patronage of the V Wall.

Solar lighting was an obvious choice due to the difficulty to run power along the wall, and solar lighting bollards were preferred as they created the right look, having smaller light poles and more subtle light. 90 x SBL2 solar lighting bollards were used to light the path to AS/NZS 1158 P4. The SBL2 is extremely vandal resistant (IK10) and well suited to the harsh coastal environment (IP68) with a marine grade anodized aluminium pole and 316 stainless steel fasteners.

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