Area & car park solar lights

The Vertex® range provides lighting levels such as AS/NZS 1158 PC1, PC2, PC3, PCD and PCX, with reliable all night light and 4-7 nights battery back-up.

Orca Solar Lighting® can facilitate a professional lighting design using the most suitable light fixtures, to ensure the lighting outcome is outstanding, complying to the relevant lighting code, and the minimum amount of light poles are utilised for the area requiring lighting.

Stand alone solar lighting is a very cost effective and non-disruptive method for adding lights to existing car parks as no trenching or cabling is required.

Smart lighting capabilities

Adaptive and remote monitoring/ time and brightness setting options are available. Orca Solar Lighting® offers the ability to dim the lights throughout the night, remote monitoring of each light to establish how many lumens it is emitting, the state of the battery, and in the daytime, how much charge the battery is receiving from the solar panel. The times and brightness of the lights can also be changed remotely.

Hinged poles and zero concrete footings for faster installation.

Hinged poles and zero concrete footings are capable of significantly reducing installation time (and equipment requirements). Hinged poles also allow easy access to the luminaire or pole top solar engine for cleaning or trouble shooting.

Dark Sky Compliant and Wildlife empathetic lighting

IDA logoVertex® area & car park lighting utilise specification grade light fixtures known and widely used by specifiers and lighting professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. These include International dark sky approved light fittings available in 3000k and amber for sea wild life.

Project profiles

Liberty Reserve car park

Brisbane Hamilton Northshore Eat Street precinct. Queensland Government.

Tench Reserve car park and boat ramp. Penrith City Council

Car park lighting standards update.

In February 2020, the relevant car park lighting standards (AS/NZS 1158 3.1) were updated to the 2020 version. A summary of the changes as follows:

PC1 P11a (Enhanced uniformity requirement)
PC2 P11b (Enhanced uniformity requirement with reduce Ev requirement)
PC3 P11c (Enhanced uniformity requirement)
PCX New requirement for internal pedestrian crossings.

With the popular use of sensors and dimming with solar lighting, the car park lighting standards stipulate that, for the lighting to comply to the designated subcategory, it must meet or exceed the necessary lighting level from the lowest level of light emitted throughout the night. (or for the duration that the facility (car park) is open for use). In other words, if the lighting levels dim to below the designated light levels, it does not comply to Australian standards.

Ease of purchase for local government

NT, SA, QLD and NSW local government can purchase solar powered path lighting through the LocalBuy and Local Government Procurement Orca Solar Lighting contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier.