Gold Coast Potable Water Filling Stations

End customer:
Diona & City of Gold Coast Council

Gold Coast QLD

Installation Contractor: TEW Solutions

Vertex® Area Solar Lighting Systems with Cree XSP High Output 60 Watt Area Luminaires.

In early 2020, the City of Gold Coast completed the construction and upgrade of twelve potable water filling stations to provide domestic water carriers with access to the cities water reticulation supply network.

The filling stations are situated in various locations throughout the Gold Coast municipality and are accessible 24 hours a day with dusk to dawn lighting.

Orca Solar Lighting were appointed by utility services provider Diona to design, construct and supply a total of twenty-two Vertex® Area Solar Lighting Systems to allow for safe night time access and operation of the station water pumps.

Solar Lighting Systems were selected as the most practical and cost effective solution for lighting the stations due to the remote positioning of the sites and the difficult process of connecting to a mains power supply in these areas rendering the project cost prohibitive. The Vertex® Solar Lighting systems were selected as they provide high levels of illumination, use fully adjustable multi-directional solar arrays and have high capacity long life batteries ensuring long term reliable operation, reduced maintenance and lower whole of life upkeep.

As part of Orca Solar Lighting’s professional services offering, our highly skilled in-house lighting designers undertook compliant lighting simulations for each individual station to ensure they all met the minimum illumination levels and light technical parameters of AS/NZS 1158.3.1:2020 – Public Activity Areas, Subcategory PA3.

In addition to the lighting design service, Orca Solar Lighting also facilitated an independent onsite lighting performance audit during the commissioning and final documentation stages. Orca partnered with expert lighting consultancy firm, Rubidium Light to complete the audit which verified the in-field performance of the solar lighting systems and actual illuminance values on each site were documented ensuring they all met and exceeded the design standard (AS1158.3.1:2020 Subcategory PA3).

Outcome: Compliant, Expert Verified and Reliable illumination with no compromise and no grid connection needed.