Solar batteries

When it’s time to replace your solar battery, you want to make sure your replacement battery is going to last a long time and you want it delivered quickly.

We provide Industrial GEL Solar Batteries and Lithium Batteries designed to withstand Australia’s harshest environments and substantially increase the battery life of your solar lighting system.

We stock replacement solar batteries in our warehouse so you know you can get one quickly when you need it.

If your solar battery is nearing end of life you can get in touch and request a quote for a replacement.

Solar Battery Sungel

Industrial GEL Solar and Lithium Batteries that are Long-lasting and Reliable

SunGEL Ultra Batteries

SunGEL Ultra Batteries provide premium energy storage for mission critical sites. With a 10 year warranty and a 20 year design life, these batteries provide a safe and superior storage system with a life expectancy to meet the demands of heavy cycling for both on and off grid solar applications.
35% longer cycle life Positive grid corrosion and negative plate sulphation are the main causes of failure in a valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery. SunGEL Ultra batteries have Advanced Carbons to reduce sulphation, improve cycling and assist recharge, which means they last for thousands of cycles and provide reliable energy for many years of service.
Proven resilience in high temperatures SunGEL Ultra batteries come with:
• superior deep cycle and float performance;
• Micro Catalyst Technology to decrease required charging float currents, optimise battery efficiency and minimise corrosion;
• the “Ultra Thick” positive plate to provide resilience against corrosion and high temperatures;
• capacity to perform supremely in temperatures up to 55°C without the need for external cooling to compensate; and
• gelled electrolyte which prevents the batteries from drying out and allows them to operate for long periods maintenance free.
Flexible block sizes The SunGEL Ultra battery range comes in 2V, 4V, 6V and 12V blocks providing you with greater flexibility when designing a new system or connecting to an existing system.

Lithium Batteries for Orca Avero Pathway Lighting Systems

We keep replacement stock of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifeP04) batteries for all the Avero solar lighting products. Get in touch and request a quote if you’re in need of a replacement.

Need a replacement solar battery?

Simply fill out the form on our Request a Quote page, or give us a call.

All you need to do is tell us:

  • the Volts;
  • the amp hours (Ah); and
  • the product code of your current battery (you’ll find this on the side of your battery)

and we’ll send you a quote.

Once you’ve indicated you want to go ahead we’ll get your replacement battery to you quickly.

We offer a pick-up service at our warehouse within two hours of submitting your purchase order, or can organise delivery to you.