Solar street lights

Commercial solar powered street lights

The Australian and NZ lighting industry generally categorises street lighting as minor roads and suburban streets, which tend to be AS 1158 3.1 P category lighting and therefore generally requiring an LED of less than 50w.

For any street or roads, quality lighting is paramount for safety, therefore it is imperative that even light levels are cast across the entire carriageway, with minimal or no glare.

To achieve this, Orca Solar Lighting® can facilitate a professional lighting design using the most suitable light fixtures, to ensure the lighting outcome is outstanding, complying to the relevant lighting code, and the minimum amount of light poles are utilised to achieve this result.

Street lighting is ‘mission critical’ therefore imperative the solar engine provides sufficient autonomy (battery back-up). This battery back-up requirement is based on NASA solar radiation data on the exact co-ordinates of the location, and allows for maximum average dark out days and the longest winter nights.

The Vertex® solar street light is available on fixed or mid hinge poles, conventional or slip based poles temporary (relocatable) footings.

Ease of purchase for local government
NT, SA, QLD and NSW local government can purchase solar powered path lighting through the LocalBuy and Local Government Procurement Orca Solar Lighting contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier.

Solar street light for a Queensland Council.

Pimlico State High School, Townsville.

Solar Street Lights

NT Government, Kilgariff Estate, Alice Springs.

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