Commercial solar lighting

Commercial Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outstanding lighting outcomes – reliability – lower lifecycle cost

Orca Solar Lighting is a specialist commercial outdoor lighting company. Our role is to assist lighting professionals, project managers and asset managers create outstanding lighting outcomes with highest reliability and lowest lifecycle costs. All Orca Solar Lighting systems are designed and developed in Australia.

Embracing best practice for solar design, as well as reputable and high performing light fixtures utilised by the most discerning lighting professionals, our lights are run by abundant, clean and free energy.

All we do is solar lighting and this has all we have done since our inception in 2007. This focus and experience gives you the peace of mind we do it well.


Orca Solar Lighting® teams with Advanced Lighting Technologies.

Orca Solar Lighting® is delighted to announce that Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia (ADLTA) is now the sole agent in VIC and SA for the entire overhead solar lighting range, including the Vertex®, Vertex® SL, and Avero® range of street, area & carpark, pathway & bike way and roadway solar lights.

Advanced Lighting Technologies has been a leader in the lighting market for over 25 years, not just during the recent rise of LED lighting technology. With an established presence in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, they specialise in architectural, commercial and industrial lighting solutions designed for dozens of applications and industries. Read more here.

Our Products – Solar Lighting Range – all designed and developed in Australia

SBL Solar Bollards

Pathway, wayfinding, parks & reserves, jetties, marinas & pontoons.

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Pathways & cycle-ways, driveways, small minor roads, jetties, marinas & pontoons.

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Streets, roads, carparks, area, pathways, temporary for road works & construction.

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We work with some of Australias most well known organisations

We are proud to serve any organisation that wishes to utilise commercial solar lighting, to save on upfront trenching and cabling, and ongoing power usage created from fossil fuels.

We have the experience to ensure your project succeeds

Many commercial solar lighting projects require a bit more upfront planning, to ensure allowances are made for shading – all year around. Orca Solar Lighting will put in the extra effort so this important stage is done correctly. We also provide professional lighting design services to ensure the light achieves the required levels and conform to Australian lighting standards if necessary.

Local government preferred supplier

QLD, NSW, SA and NT councils and state government (including education institutions) can purchase without having to obtain three quotes or running a tender, utilising the Local Government Procurement and Localbuy preferred supplier contracts. This gives these customers peace of mind they are purchasing solar lighting products from a quality company, on favourable terms.

SBL Solar Bollard Lighting deserves a special mention

Orca Solar Lighting® is proud to distribute the SBL lighting bollards, the original, certified Australian made, vandal and corrosion resistant solar bollards, backed with a 10 year warranty. As the exclusive distributor for NSW, QLD, ACT and Southern NT, Orca Solar Lighting® will provide comprehensive shading assessments to ensure many years of reliable lighting.

Aus Made

Solar street lights:

Often a generic term for any overhead solar light, however the lighting industry tends to use the term ‘street light’ for smaller AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020 P (Pedestrian) lighting for very small streets which tend to be 50km/hr or less. This tends to be small suburban streets or laneways. Solar street lighting is mission critical constant all night light with the necessary autonomy (battery back-up) to be reliable and to AS/NZS 4509.1 2009 Stand-alone power systems Safety and installation.

Solar path lights.

Commercial grade solar lighting for shared pathways and bike-ways where. To comply with Australian and New Zealand pathway lighting standards, it is mandatory that the lights do not dim below the minimum lighting levels at any stage in the night. Therefore if adaptive lighting is utilised, (boosting and dimming with sensors), the light is only allowed to boost HIGHER than the minimum lux levels, it cannot dim lower. Also solar lights with PIR sensors are not suitable for compliant pathway  lighting as the sensor range is not even close to being long enough to ensure the lights are at the brighter setting, as the pedestrian will not have active all the necessary light poles to the brighter level.

To deter crime, 5m on either side of the path needs to be lit to 50% of the light values of the path itself to comply with AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020 pathway lighting (PP1 – PP5). Exceptions can only be made to this in special circumstances such as a wildlife corridor, or where the path is running next to a well-lit road.

Solar road lights:

The Australian and New Zealand lighting industry tends to categorise ‘Road Lights’ as lighting for larger feeder roads and main roads. Therefore this is often covered by V (vehicular) lighting standard AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020 V category. This is a mission critical lighting application requiring constant all night light at the minimum necessary lighting levels, with strict parameters on glare.

Solar area/car park lighting.

Car park lighting is often mission critical lighting which is designed for the pedestrian rather than the vehicles (as vehicles have their own light source). To comply with AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020 car park lighting, the lights are not allowed to dim below the minimum lux levels at any time during the night while the car park is open. Therefore adaptive lighting can only light brighter than the minimum lux levels, not less.  Also solar lights with PIR sensors are not suitable for compliant car park lighting as the sensor range is not even close to being long enough to ensure the lights are at the brighter setting, as the pedestrian will not have active all the necessary light poles to the brighter level.

Temporary solar lighting.

Compliant street, area/car park, road and pathway lighting on a relocatable concrete block with certified forklift pick up point to enable ease of movement around the construction site without having to dismantle the light pole. Engineered and certified for the relevant wind regions.