Solar LED bollards

Stylish and robust SBL solar LED
bollards for paths, jetties,
bikeways and driveways.

Avero® path & area light

Avero® architecturally designed in Australia.
Lower total life cost than conventional lighting
for pathways.

Vertex® solar street light

Solar Street Light Vertex

Vertex® street & car park lighting,
mission critical lighting
on 6m – 10m poles.

Outstanding lighting outcomes – reliability – lower lifecycle cost

Our role is to help you create an outstanding solar lighting outcome, with the highest reliability and the lowest product lifecycle cost.

Stand alone solar lighting eliminates the need for trenching and cabling. Simply select the site for the light pole and install the footing. There are zero power bills from day one, protecting the owner from steep electricity price rises being experienced in Australia.

Solar lighting is not susceptible to power outages. When cyclone Yasi hit Townsville several years ago and knocked out the power, the only light that could be seen for miles was the solar car park lights at the back of the James Cook University supplied by Orca Solar Lighting.

Outdoor solar lighting is generally very well suited to P category (pedestrian) lighting such as minor roads, car parks, walkways & bike ways, jetties & marinas. Solar lighting can be run for more powerful V category lighting as well, however there are some limitations.

We work with some of Australias most well known organisations

Brisbane City
Bluescope Steel
Dept Defense
Fulton hogan
Sydney Trains
Rio Tinto

Local government preferred supplier

All NSW, QLD, SA and NT local government can purchase solar powered lights through the LocalBuy and Local Government Procurement Orca Solar Lighting contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier and purchasing solar lighting at the best possible price.