Solar path lights

Lighting pathways and bike-ways with stand-alone solar can save capital costs and total lifecycle costs by eliminating the requirement to trench and cable for long distances, as well as the elimination of ongoing power costs.

Orca Solar Lighting has several ranges that perform well for Australian pathway lighting standards such as AS/NZS 1158 3.1 2020 PP2, PP3, PP4 and PP5. Orca Solar Lighting can provide complementary lighting designs to determine the best product for your project, whilst ensuring horizontal and vertical lux levels comply as do the glare and light pollution requirements.

The original Australian made, vandal resistant solar LED bollards providing reliable all night light with 4 + nights battery back-up.
Natural white and warm white, symmetrical and asymmetrical light output options.
Ideal for marine environments. Completely submersible – IP68, with 316 stainless fasteners and high marine grade aluminium poles.
Certified Australian made with a 10 + year design life, 7 year warranty.

Solar Path Lighting and safety bollard lights

Architecturally designed in Australia to perform for pathways and driveways.
Type 2 lighting optic, 4000k colour temperature and numerous lighting profiles.
4 + nights battery back-up, 5 year warranty

Avero Solar Lighting

Mission critical solar lighting with type 2 optic to perform for pathways and minor roads.
Full illumination all night with 4 – 7 nights battery back-up.
Five year performance guarantee and 5 + year warranty on all components.
Battery in base and pole top versions.
IoT enabled options utilising LoRaWAN.

Solar Path Light

Pathway lighting standards update.

In February 2020, the relevant pathway lighting standards (AS/NZS 1158 3.1) were updated to the 2020 version. A summary of the changes as follows:

PP1 New sub-category
PP2 P1 (Reduced minimum Eh and Ev, Enhanced uniformity requirement)
PP3 P2 (Reduced average and minimum Eh and Ev and Enhanced uniformity requirements)
PP4 (Vertical requirements removed where bollards are used) P3 (Reduced average and minimum Eh and Ev and Enhanced uniformity requirements)
PP5 (Vertical requirements removed where bollards are used) P4 (Reduced Ev and Enhanced uniformity requirements)
n/a P5 has been removed

With the popular use of sensors and dimming with solar lighting, the pathway lighting standards stipulate that, for the lighting to comply to the designated subcategory, it must meet or exceed the necessary lighting level from the lowest level of light emitted throughout the night. In other words, if the lighting levels dim to below the designated light levels, it does not comply to Australian standards.