Solar path lights

SBL solar lighting bollards.

The original Australian made vandal resistant solar LED bollards.
Asymmetrical light output and submersible options for flood prone areas.
Four + nights battery back-up. 5 year and 7 year warranty.

Avero® solar pathway light.

Architecturally designed in Australia to perform for pathways and driveways.
Type 2 lighting optic achieving 46m spacings for P4 and 19m spacings for P3, 3000k colour temperature and numerous lighting profiles.
4 + nights battery back-up, 5 year warranty.

Vertex® path.

Mission critical solar lighting with type 2 optic to perform for pathways and minor roads.
Full illumination all night with 4 – 7 nights battery back-up.
Five year performance guarantee and 5 + year warranty on all components.
Battery in base and pole top versions.
IoT enabled options utilising LoRaWAN.

Solar Path Lighting and safety bollard lights

i1200™ integrated solar light

Full illumination for the first three hours, power saver mode for the rest of the night until PIR sensor detects a pedestrian, boosting to 100% for 30 seconds or until area is vacated.

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Solar path lights and Safety Bollard Lights by Orca Solar Lighting