SBL solar bollard lights

The SBL solar lighting bollards are perfect for low level pathway and area lighting for:

  • Public pathways.
  • Retirement Villages
  • Resorts
  • Campgrounds
  • Accommodation camps
  • Driveways for body corporates – townhouses
  • Jetties & pontoons
  • Education campuses and schools

Being very high commercial grade, they are backed with a 5 and 10 year warranty, and have a 10 + year design life. Submersible and asymmetrical light output options.

With a large range of different power models, the SBL solar lighting bollards are able to cater for most shading situations. The other option in the SBL lighting bollard range is the identical looking and equally vandal resistant 12v non-solar version that provides brighter light, running off the mains power, with a small 12v inverter, to give you uniform looking product throughout your project.

Orca Solar Lighting is the exclusive distributor for the SBL Lighting Bollards for NSW, QLD, ACT and the southern NT.


Specification grade solar bollards lights

Solar Bollard Lighting Specifications

Used by some of Australia’s most well know organisations such as BHP Billiton, Brisbane City Council,
Department of Defence, Department of Transport & Main Roads QLD and Rio Tinto to name a few.

Solar bollard specifications

There are two generations of the solar bollard, the SBL and the SBL2. They are practically identical looking, are equally as vandal resistant, it is primarily the LED arrangement that sets the two Generations apart, each generation specifically designed to achieve the two most common lighting tasks – way finding lighting (SBL) and effective compliant pathway lighting (SBL2).



Released 2005

Best for:
Waypoint lighting
Full sun positions



Released 2018

Best for:
AS/NZS P4 Lighting
Areas prone to flooding
Full sun or where there is low, moderate or heavy shade

Demonstration: Vandal resistant solar powered LED bollards

With bollards in the market for over 10 years now, the original Australian made vandal resistant solar LED bollards operate provides reliable all night light in some of the most demanding locations.

From maritime locations with heavy salt water, extremely hot and dry desert regions such as the Pilbara, hot tropical locations such as Darwin, the freezing Victorian and NSW snow fields, through to high vandalism urban and remote areas, these bollards have proven they are tough and reliable.

Graffiti and paint is easily cleaned from the solar bollard head and aluminium post. The dome shape deters birds from landing and minimises debris build up. A gentle annual wipe of the solar bollard head keeps them looking beautiful all year round.

Town of Port Hedland Testimonial.
“We are very happy with the bollards, they suit the required use and are going to be a great asset to us for a long time. The tenants that we have put in the adjacent houses have not been shy in the past with airing any complaints they have, but I haven’t heard one complaint regarding the light bollards. That to me is a great accomplishment.”

Alexander Beach Resort Testimonial.
In December 2018, Alexandra Beach Resort purchased fourteen SBL solar lighting bollards to add to our existing lighting around the pathway and extensive swimming pool at the resort.
Many of the solar bollards are located in areas with a lot of shade at certain times of the year, Orca Solar Lighting came out and assessed the shading to ensure the correct power model and optimum locations were chosen.
The result has been a reliable and dependable lighting outcome, with a light source that complements a resort type setting. We would be happy to recommend this product to other resort type properties.”

Parks & Open Spaces

Extremely vandal resistant, see the vandal test video

Watch the video

Jetties, marinas & pontoons

Fully sealed with marine grade components.

Completely submersible options.​

    Pathways and cycle-ways

    Conforms to AS 1158 PP5 pathway lighting standards.

    Asymmetrical (180 degree) light output option.

      General safety & security lighting

      Mining camps


      Retirement villages


        Solar driveway lighting using Solar Bollards.

        Parklands and Boardwalks

        Solar lighting using Solar Bollards for
        parklands and boardwalks.


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        Solar Bollard Lighting

        Ease of purchase for local government

        All NSW, Qld, and ACT local government can purchase SBL solar lighting bollards through the Localbuy and Local Government Procurement contracts, eliminating the need to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable pre-qualified supplier and purchasing on the best possible terms.