Orca Solar Lighting industrial grade solar lights for Australian mines

Why Australian mines trust Orca Solar Lighting’s industrial solar lights

When you’re running a mining site, your onsite lighting needs to be reliable, safe and durable to keep your operations running and your people safe.

However, reliable lighting becomes challenging when your site doesn’t have access to mains power, your power grid supply is unreliable, you have to run costly generators to provide lighting at night, or your lighting fails to withstand harsh mining conditions.

The stakes are high in Australia’s mining industry. Whether you’re lighting up a work site, roads, pathways or accommodation camps you need to trust your lights won’t let you down.

For over 17 years Australian owned company Orca Solar Lighting has been providing industrial grade solar lights, designed and developed in Australia, for mission critical applications where unpredictable performance isn’t an option.

Designed to perform reliably in the harshest weather conditions, Orca Solar Lighting’s solar light solutions comply with Australian and New Zealand lighting and safety standards and stand the test of time.

Since 2007 the company has worked with some of Australia’s most well-known organisations including Rio Tinto and BHP to deliver high quality industrial grade solar lighting solutions that perform reliably and save on upfront trenching and cabling, and ongoing power usage costs.

When asked about the most common solar lighting applications for mines, Orca Solar Lighting’s General Manager, Jamie Janides, said solutions are quite varied.

“Every site and application differ depending on the area that needs lighting, the customer’s specific lighting requirements, weather conditions and surrounds. Mining managers can require solar lighting solutions from wall-mounted fence perimeter lighting and pathway lighting to temporary or permanent work site lighting. We work with every customer to provide a custom solar lighting design and fit-for-purpose solar lighting solution so their installation provides reliable and constant lighting,” said Jamie.

Jamie affirmed solar lighting solutions are becoming a popular alternative to mains powered lighting in Australia’s mining industry for the sustainability and environmental benefits, however additional benefits are also being realised.

“Solar lighting provides significant environmental advantages with no noise, fumes, glare, or ongoing diesel usage and costs. Mine sites are also welcoming the benefits of reliability, durability and cost efficiencies of solar lighting,” said Jamie.

Highly reliable, mission-critical lighting

Orca Solar Lighting’s solar products are designed and built to perform reliably even in worst case weather scenarios.

The company uses accurate weather and solar radiation data for each location and undertakes system sizing and reliability simulations for every project to make sure customers’ solar lighting systems remain operational, even when the sun is not shining.

Professional lighting designs are also completed to ensure solar lighting solutions comply with Australian and New Zealand lighting standards, providing customers with peace of mind their solar lights are fully compliant and of the highest quality and safety.

Backed by strong product warranties and performance guarantees, Orca Solar Lighting’s products are designed to provide constant all-night light with a minimum of four full nights battery back-up to ensure customers can count on them to perform reliably through prolonged poor weather.

Durable to withstand tough mine conditions

Orca Solar Lighting provides solar lighting solutions that are engineered to withstand harsh conditions including high wind, dust and extreme weather.

The poles and footings of Orca Solar Lighting’s street and area lighting (Vertex and Avero solar lights) are wind region A, B and C certified depending on the pole foundation type and soil conditions.

The company’s products also require minimal maintenance. Luminaires and solar panels are easy to clean when needed with soapy water and a soft cloth while the batteries are maintenance free.

Achieve cost efficiencies

The company focusses on helping their customers create outstanding lighting outcomes with the highest reliability and lowest lifecycle costs.

Orca Solar Lighting’s solutions are quick and easy to install, saving customers from having to spend money on upfront trenching and cabling.

Operational costs are also reduced with no ongoing diesel costs, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Designed for flexible lighting needs

Temporary solar lighting solutions provide mines with the flexibility to easily relocate lighting to another area as a work site develops or expands.

Temporary lighting also provides mines with the ability to reuse solar lights for future work sites and set up lighting quickly in the event of an emergency.

Orca solar lighting’s temporary solar lights can be moved around site with a forklift while the light pole is fully assembled.

The concrete blocks the lights are mounted on are stackable for ease of transport and have multiple pick-up points so they can be lifted easily by a fork lift and crane from all directions.