SBL solar lighting bollard daytime photo


Queensland designed and manufactured lighting, supplied by a 100% Queensland owned supplier, to Queensland State Government.

Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD (TMR), marine division, builds and upgrades many of the hundreds of public jetties and pontoons up the QLD coast.  As many of these jetties and pontoons are remote, stand-alone solar lighting is often utilised. Not only is it quick and easy to install as no cabling is required, the extra low voltage is very safe in an environment where there is water everywhere, removing the electrocution risk.

For close to a decade, the 1m high SBL solar lighting bollard has been utilised on TMR jetties and pontoons, when low level light was required. The SBL is extremely resistant to corrosion and vandalism, with its marine grade anodized aluminium pole, 316 stainless steel fasteners, and the 10 year design life IK10 Sabic SLX Lexan polycarbonate dome.

For the overhead solar lighting needs, Transport & Main Roads  started using a particular imported overhead solar lighting product that required a fairly large up-front investment, and unfortunately was not coping with the salty corrosive environment, causing the pole to corrode and fail. Obviously this was an unacceptable safety risk as well as cost and inconvenience.

Transport & Main Roads QLD, Solar Bollard Lighting® (SBL- the manufacturer) and Orca Solar Lighting®, the exclusive QLD and NSW distributor for SBL, consulted and collaborated to create the specific replacement retrofit pole and SBL2 solar bollard lighting arrangement, to replace the failing imported product, and treat as the standard product for new builds and renovations of jetties and marinas. The TMR SBL2 solar bollard fits exactly on the previous products base plate bolt configuration. The SBL2 stands 2.4m high (to the top of the bollard head), creating a very suitable light spread, as well as keeping out of the reach of vandals, and to prevent the top of the dome of the solar bollard to be used as a fish cutting surface.

The SBL2 is certified Australian (QLD) made, has a  10 year minimum design life and  warranty due to the high quality materials and build. The pole is marine grade 6106 aluminium alloy, T6 Temper type, with 25um anodising, the bollard head is made from the world’s highest grade Sabic SLX Lexan polycarbonate, with a 10 year warranty to not go brittle or yellow from the sun’s UV (ultra violet light). All the fasteners are 316 stainless steel. SBL2 is NATA tested and certified in Australia to IK10 impact testing and IP68 submersion capability.