shopping for solar bollard lights

If you are shopping for solar bollard lights, you should know this…….

Orca Solar Lighting® receives many enquiries for solar bollard lights, and as we only supply very high commercial and industrial grade products with a 10+ year life span, (we have a firm belief that low to mid-range grade products generally will cost the customer more over the medium to long term), the only solar bollard lighting product we supply is the SBL Solar Bollard Lighting. SBL are the only Australian made solar bollard light and the only solar lighting bollard that provides a 10-year warranty.

Here’s the thing. Yes, you can buy the imported products for half the price of the SBL Solar bollards, but you need to really look at what you are going to get, and how long it will really end up costing you.

When shopping for solar bollard lights, consider these things:

What is the product made of? SBL Solar Bollard Light heads are made out of the highest grade aircraft windscreen polycarbonate available on the planet, and the poles are very high marine grade aluminium, all the fasteners are 316 stainless steel.

When did the company start designing and manufacturing solar bollards? SBL Solar Bollard Lighting has been doing this since 2005 and has undertaken a CONSTANT journey to improve their product in every way possible.

How much battery backup does the product have? Read the fine print. SBL Solar Lighting Bollards have a minimum of 4 + full nights battery back-up, allowing for the longest winter nights. Therefore a reliable and constant light source.

How long is the warranty? SBL provides a 10-year warranty on the SBL2 and a 5-year warranty on the SBL. As they are manufactured in Brisbane and have been around for 15 + years, you have confidence that the warranty will be honoured.

Whether you are a Council, Government Department, Mining Camp, Retirement Village, Resort, Holiday Park, or wanting some for your acreage long driveway, surely it is better to invest twice as much for a product that has a 10+ year proven track record, rather than a cheaper import that may need replacing 2 to 3 times over the same 10 year period.

Buy quality, insist on SBL, the original, the only Australian made, the only with the 10-year warranty. SBL – ASK FOR IT BY NAME.